Attention: City of Morgan Hill Affordable Program Homeowners

We are in the process of re-launching the MyHouseKeys platform in 2020. Our new website will include an online account for homeowners to create service tickets and track the progress of their refinance and resale transactions. In the meantime, please start the process for any resale or refinance requests by clicking here to Open a Service Ticket. We have the following team members that will assist you. They will collectively receive any messages you send to Please note that all transactions are handled according to the Terms and Conditions contained in your Recorded Restriction Agreement. Any remaining items should be addressed by the City Council Approved Program Guidelines. It’s important to note that the city has had an affordable home ownership program in place for nearly 40 years. Our team has to keep in mind that EACH RESTRICTION AGREEMENT IS DIFFERENT and part of responding to any homeowner inquiry involves reviewing the terms and conditions and determining how the transaction (whether it be a refinance or resale) must be handled.

Kamala Loving, Program Operations Coordinator

Kamala is our lead contact to get processes started for applicants and participants. She will help us log your ticket to officially enter it into our queue. Please keep in mind that we must research the file and determine what your agreement says about what we’re allowed to do with regard to your refinance or resale transaction. Your Restriction Agreement and the Council-Approved Program Guidelines determine how each transaction is handled. For refinance transactions, we will connect with one of our approved lenders so they can help put together a refinance package for review and approval.

Katarina Marusic, Program Transaction Coordinator

In the case of a sale transaction, Katarina coordinates with our real estate team to make sure that we are preparing you to enter the resale process. There are legal timelines that are outlined in your recorded agreement. If you can’t locate your agreement, please let us know immediately as the process cannot begin until this agreement is reviewed.

Christina Enriquez, Asset Manager

Christina is our Asset Manager who completes the review of the restriction agreement, and works with the escrow company to ensure that we are properly prepared for a refinance or resale transaction.

Abraham Valle, Program Relationship Manager

For issues with customer service or any escalation items, please make sure to note that in your email to - this email will go to the group, but Abraham will be reaching out to see how we can assist you with your transaction.

We will be updating this page with the processes involved with re-selling a below market rate / resale restricted home and getting a refinance completed with one of our approved lenders. See the Approved Lender List to see if you would like to process your refinance transaction. If you have a lender that you’d like to work with who is not on the list, you can direct them to the Lender Page to get setup as an approved lender.

It is important to understand the steps involved. In order to do so, we must receive your ticket and assess your recorded restriction agreement in order to determine how your refinance or resale transaction is to be processed. Please note: Opening a Service Ticket does not begin any of the official legal transaction timelines that are outlined in your recorded agreement.

 Thank you for your patience